I've been passionate about helping people all my life.


At a very early age, I recognized a desire for medical knowledge and began my journey towards becoming an obstetrician and gynaecologist.


Over the last 25 years, I have been fortunate enough to have helped many women give birth safely. I also help women with the expert medical care they need throughout the many different phases of their lives.


In addition, my dedication to ultrasound diagnostics helps identify fetal and gynaecological abnormalities providing a deeper level of expert care for my patients.


I grew up in South Africa and completed my undergraduate studies at the prestigious University of Witwatersrand. I qualified in 1990 and did my post-graduate training at The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

I have been fortunate and have worked in all major tertiary hospitals in Victoria:  The Royal Women’s Hospital, Monash Medical Centre and Mercy Hospital for Women.


My approach when consulting with patients is derived from the medical expertise and careful, personalised attention to individual needs.

Every patient I see is different. My communication style is open and I provide information in simple language to ensure every patient is informed, reassured and understands the journey ahead.


Delivered over 5000+ babies 

Dr. Pregs has safely delivered babies for more than 25 years.


Consultative Care

Dr. Pregs has an open conversation policy. He is very calm and approachable when consulting with every patient and family.


His no fuss, intelligent and open-minded consultations ensure patients are well informed on what to expect, they understand what the next steps are on their journey and ensure the patient's health are always at the center of every discussions.


Thinking about starting a family is a major decision. Dr. Pregs helps discuss the best pathway for failure to conceive when to consider IVF treatment and the maternal and paternal health queries associated with pre-conception.



Dr. Pregs specialises in every aspect of gynaecological services including contraceptive options, abnormal pap smears, fibroids, abnormal bleeding, vaginal repair, prolapse diagnosis, laproscopic surgery and more.


Over the last 25 years, Dr. Pregs has provided leading gestational care to ensure mum and baby have the expert medical attention all the way to delivery and aftercare.


Dr Pregs also provides CTG monitoring and Pre-Natal Blood draw for testing at no extra cost for every patient.

In-House High Quality Scanning

Dr. Pregs provides in-house quality scanning. It's the one and only way parents can see the growth of their baby for a more intimate connection. This in-house service means no additional costs to patients.

Want to know more?



Education and ongoing training have been at the heart of Dr. Pregs' professional life. He has translated over 25 years of experience by paying it forward, supervising junior registras training at The Royal Women's Hospital.



Dr. Pregs translates his personalised, consultative approach to his own patients by ensuring juniors make the leap from expert knowledge to quality care, patient by patient.

Early stage Midwives

Dr. Pregs provides teaching and first-hand education to student midwives in his consulting rooms emphasizing the importance of high standards in antenatal care.

He also supervises midwives in delivery suites, providing direct expert advice in the safe delivery of newborn babies.


The most important aspect of this training is showing midwives the importance of establishing a caring bond between themselves and the patients in their care.





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