Thinking about starting a family? You're in safe hands with us.

Dr. Pregs will discuss the best pathway forward for those who are unable to conceive when to consider the possibility of IVF treatment.

Pregnancy Care


Dr. Pregs provides comprehensive antenatal care in both high risk and low-risk pregnancies.


We carry out a detailed ultrasound examination of your baby at each visit to ensure their growth and well being are being maintained. Fetal monitoring can be carried out by one of our expert midwives, onsite. 


Dr. Pregs has an open and natural approach to childbirth. He strongly encourages vaginal births with a minimalistic interventional approach and respecting patient wishes in labour.


Screening in Pregancy


Multiple screening tests offered to all pregnant women to ensure fetal well being. These test include down syndrome screening test and family genetics screen tests to exclude conditions such as cystic fibrosis, Fragile X and spinal muscular atrophy.


Dr. Pregs also provides a non-invasive prenatal screening blood test for down syndrome.


Dr. Pregs can perform a detailed 12-week anatomical screen performed in-house to exclude congenital anomalies early. 



Vaccinations in Pregnancy


The Flu vaccination is strongly advised in all pregnant women with extensive evidence showing the benefit to both mother and baby.


Whopping cough is routinely administered n the third trimester to our pregnant couples and particularly grandparents to help minimise the risk to the newborn baby. These vaccinations are provided onsite for patient convenience.



Pregnancy Scanning


Dr. Pregs provides a detailed ultra-sound examination for mothers and babies at each visit. This helps when assessing a babies growth and development at each stage of pregnancy.


Dr. Pregs specialises in fetal monitoring for high-risk pregnancies performed by midwives, onsite and at no extra cost.